Fast Growing - Light - Strong

Our mission to sustainably grow trees and benefit from a natural environment needs your help! Join us  and find out how you can be involved.

Not just any other timber product

Our trees are extremely fast growing
and (3-5 years to reach maturity)
reaching a height of around 15 meters at maturity.

Light and Structurally stable

Comparable to aluminum in the metal industry – our trees are considered as hardwoods, exceptionally strong and ultra light.

Grow & Grow again!

Upon harvesting trees are able to re-grow from the stump left behind. This makes the second harvest faster and at a lower cost.

A cultivated forest project that's gaining momentum

The Timber Market is booming!

The timber industry has been around almost as long as humans have existed; from tools to fuel, shelter and constructions, wood has been and still is today one our most important raw materials.

Wood has the benefit of being completely biodegradable and renewable.


Timber and timber products has been and always will be one of the most essential commodities in the world.

The wood industry is worth on average USD 650 Billion / year

Global consumer markets are now turning to wood to replace plastic products causing demand for fast growing light weight hardwoods.

How The Program Started

The 3P Movement is an initiative to bring unity among Malaysians to play a part in society  to combat deforestation. We strongly believe that the planting of fast-growing tree could contribute in providing a solution to the overall deforestation issue.

Additionally, the benefits of these mighty seedlings will extend to enrich not only the people and the planet but our prosperity too

The Right time for Timber

Our trees are maturing at important time for the timber industry. The demand for wood has risen and the domino effect of the pandemic has increased the price of timber on the market. making it 3 times more profitable than when the trees were planted 3 years ago. This trend is on the rise and we are well positioned to take advantage of the current market.

What people are saying

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