Who is behind the 3P Movement ?

The Story Behind Our Movement

The 3P Movement aims to bring unity among Malaysians to play a part   to combat deforestation. Our trees are fast growing and the cultivation effort brings back biodiversity and contributes in providing a solution to the global climate change crisis. Additionally, the benefits of these mighty seedlings will extend to enrich not only the people and the planet but our prosperity too.

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Our Key Priorities

Keeping the balance with nature & the community.



Working together with Nature to create an environment that benefits us all. Our projects englobe social and financial elements in a sustainable and stable platform.

Planting Profitable Trees

Planting Profitable Trees

The demand for wood has risen and the domino effect of the pandemic has increased the price of timber on the market. Making it 3 times more profitable than when the trees were planted. Our trees are fast growing, stable and strong, they also have the benefit of regeneration from cut stump.

Growth & Profit

Growth & Profit

We strive to add value and generate profits & gains for our shareholders and supporters. Our actual estimated gains are well over initial projections and are still well on the way to meet our financial targets.

Meet Our Team

Hansel Solibun Choy

Chief Executive Officer

Liew Ah Onn

Chief Strategy Officer

Sheryl Wong

General Manager

Derrick Lopez

Project Manager

Dato' Ho Kam Phaw

Board of Advisor

Peter Ong

Board of Advisor